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Additive for Createx

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Additive for Createx
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4008 Restorer - A water-based, biodegradable cleaner used for soaking airbrush and spray-gun parts after painting.

  • Partially dissolves dried paint allowing for easy clean-up with soap & water.
  • Use as a soak for metallic parts: nozzle, needle, cup.
  • Re-Usable. Keep in metal or ceramic container.
  • Dissolves soft-plastics. Keep away from non-PTFE coated O-rings.
  • Flush airbrush or spray-gun with water after using Restorer.

Reducers & Cleaners Quick Guide:

  • 4030 Balancing Clear | Mix Additive - Mix additive that enhances spray performance, adhesion & coating durability for use when painting hard-surfaces, plastic and vinyl.
  • 4012 High Performance Reducer – 4012 High Performance Reducer aids flow by decreasing surface tension which allows colors to be applied with more material per coat without cratering (same as W500)
    Further reduces tip-dry to the point its eliminated,
    Decreases drying times and allows the paint to air dry to a cured coating with improved film properties.
    High Performance Reducer works with Auto Air Colors, Wicked Colors and Illustration Colors.
    Precautions: Keep away from eyes. Keep out of reach of children.
    First Aid Treatment: If eye contact occurs, rinse with tap water for 5 - 10 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical care.
    Contains: 2-BUTOXY ETHANOL
  • 5601 Transparent Base – Colorless resin base of Createx Airbrush Colors.
  • 4008 Restorer – Removes dried paint from airbrush & spray-gun.