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Craftmaster Lettering Enamel & Pinstripe Paints

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Craftmaster Lettering Enamel & Pinstripe Paints
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These paints carry high levels of colour so coating in minimal, durability & sustainability is focussed on during production, usability is key & these are just so lovely to paint with.
Blendable for individual colour ways & available in 250ml tins at one price level.
1 litre tins may be placed on special order.
White & Black in 1 litre as standard to the 250ml size.

The Clearcoat is a great NON-YELLOWING cover that will enhance any sign work.

Please see 'Flat Colours' for the old intenso style paints....these can be cleared with the above clearcoat.

Please remember these colours are for guidance only....all colours should be patch tested to suit your own requirements before committing.

THINNING..... with White Spirit, BUT should you require more 'flex or flow' then use the P.P.A. Adjuster ... comes in 30ml dropper bottle.

Our Signwriting & Lining Enamel is an exceptionally highly pigmented enamel designed (where possible) for one coat coverage.

Originally designed as a replacement for the defunct range offered by Keeps for Signwriters, our Enamel is also very well suited to lining and pin striping work as well as other decorative jobs.

It is frequently utilised in the restoration of old signs, both lettered and decoratively painted (for example pub signs).

We have a standard range of colours, for which a chart is available. Additionally we can produce any bespoke colour in minimum quantities of 500ml. Please get in touch with our sales team for details.

Decorative Flat Colour

Designed initially for use in traditional narrowboat decoration for use with a varnish top coat. Decorative Flat colour dries twice as fast as our Signwriting Enamel enabling faster work in circumstances where colours are layered or overlapped.

Decorative Flat colour is also seen as a modern day equivalent to Keeps Intenso, though it is a paint rather than a paste.

13 Colours are available as standard, though as with our Signwriting Enamel we will produce bespoke colours in minimum quantities of 500ml.

Note: These colour samples are for guidance only. The actual colours may differ due to variations between electronic displays.

Charts are available for our Standard Range, Signwriting Paint and Decorative Flat Colour only. Samples of the majority of colours are available to inspect at our Cambridge premises. Please contact us for further details.