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Marissa Color ETAC Sets 1oz & 2oz

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Marissa Color ETAC Sets 1oz & 2oz
Condition New
The colors are more luminous and re- wet soluble. 
Easy erasing and scratching.
They come with a pipet, in 1 oz Bottles at £42.95 per set of 6.
or 2oz Bottles at £65.50 per set of 6. (great value for the heavier user).
...........packed as two sets of 6 bottles for complete system.
Set # 1 FOUNDATION SET (Skin Tone Set Set) (IDEAL for Tech’nEZ) with all brown ocher, brick red ocher, golden ocher, sepia, burnt umber and fleshtone...
Set # 2 ADDITIONS SET (Primary Col Set) with culebra gold, grey, white, green, pyrrole red and phthalo blue...
Black can be ordered separately from main E'FX range.
The price is £42.950 per 6 x 1oz pack & £65.50 per 6 x 2oz pack , excl shipping.
Exclusively available in the U.K. from Pete at ETAC'UK

MARISSA SAYS: "I can 't believe how Awesome they are! ..... There is a little twinkle in there, a lot of brilliance, smooth to erase, a pipet and they spray fantastic. I am so proud and happy"