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Shoellershammer G4

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Shoellershammer G4
Condition New
This is the ultimate airbrush Illustration Board...available in individual 3mm boards or in pads of 20 sheets as card.....all with the same erasable surface.
One of the very best Illustration Boards available, great for erasing & scratch-back techniques, phenominal for Airbrush Art projects that require not just these techniques but every other technique you may wish to use, super absorption & repairability.
A superb white working side, grey backed.

Used by Marissa Oosterlee for her class & private artwork, used exclusively for our class projects when doing illustration work.

Because of its nature the larger sizes are sold in packs of 5's for delivery stability, although individuals in any size can be purchased 'in-store'.
Should you require Super A1 (1020x730mm).....please enquire by email as these require specific packaging & delivery costs increase with this size.

Super A3, Super A2 & Super A1 means you can use A3,A2,A1 as you project size & still have safe space round the actual work, allowing for masking & trimming.